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Looking to duplicate a small number of tape cassettes? Our boutique service offers quality short run duplication using professional Tascam 322 cassette decks. Ideal for musicians, producers, record labels, and audio archivists.

We use precision Tascam 322 twin auto-reverse cassette decks to duplicate your master tapes onto high quality normal bias cassette stock. Each deck features Dolby B noise reduction for crisp, clean audio transfers copied in real time. No shortcuts - your tapes are reproduced one at a time to ensure fidelity and performance.

Whether you’re preserving demos and live recordings, producing mixtapes, releasing a niche compilation, or selling merchandise, our specialized service can handle duplication projects that would be cost-prohibitive at traditional mass production facilities. Contact us to discuss your specific tape replication needs - we’re audio experts dedicated to attention-to-detail and vintage audio gear. Preserving your cassette culture.

We can duplicate using your cassette tapes or can supply on demand.

We also offer cassette mastering at an addition charge.

Get in touch for pricing on the contact page.

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