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Dischordant Vol. 1

Dischordant Vol. 1

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Immerse yourself in a world of intriguing musicality with "Dischordant" Vol 1, an extraordinary sample pack carefully curated by our esteemed record label. Designed to captivate and inspire, this collection showcases 15 meticulously crafted 100BPM chord loops, sourced exclusively from the iconic Roland JV1080 and EMU Proteus 2000 synthesisers.

Step into the realm of dissonance and melodic tension as you explore the rich sonic tapestry of "Dischordant" Vol 1. These masterfully composed chord loops are dripping with character, offering a unique blend of both nostalgia and innovation. Created by seasoned sound designers who have harnessed the full potential of these legendary synthesizers, each loop has been expertly processed and optimised to seamlessly integrate into your own productions.

With "Dischordant" Vol 1, you'll unlock a treasure trove of creative possibilities. These 100BPM chord loops boast a diverse range of moods, from hauntingly ethereal to pulsatingly rhythmic, ensuring there's a perfect fit for any production style. Whether you're crafting ambient soundscapes, experimental electronica, cinematic compositions, or even venturing into the realms of downtempo, trip-hop, or chillout, this sample pack will infuse your tracks with a distinct, edgy allure.

The Roland JV1080 and EMU Proteus 2000 are revered for their timeless sound and have played pivotal roles in shaping countless iconic tracks across various genres. By harnessing their unique capabilities, "Dischordant" Vol 1 elevates your music production to new heights, pushing boundaries and defying conventions. Each loop showcases the characteristically dissonant and unconventional tonalities, allowing you to explore and experiment with harmonic complexity, dissonant progressions, and non-traditional chord structures.

Our label has spared no effort in ensuring the highest level of quality in every aspect of "Dischordant" Vol 1. Each loop has been meticulously recorded in pristine audio fidelity, guaranteeing crystal-clear sound and unparalleled sonic depth. Additionally, all loops are provided in industry-standard WAV format, ensuring seamless compatibility with your preferred digital audio workstation (DAW) and enabling effortless integration into your projects.

Embrace the beauty of dissonance and embrace the power of the past with "Dischordant" Vol 1. This sample pack invites you to defy expectations, challenge musical conventions, and unleash your creative genius. Elevate your compositions with the captivating sounds of the Roland JV1080 and EMU Proteus 2000, and let your music resonate with a haunting allure that leaves an indelible mark on your listeners.

Are you ready to embark on a sonic journey unlike any other? Get your hands on "Dischordant" Vol 1 today and unleash the power of dissonance in your music production. The revolution begins here.

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