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Crime Scenes Vol 1

Crime Scenes Vol 1

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Dive into the gritty and suspenseful world of classic crime films with our latest sample pack, "Crime Scenes" Vol 1, meticulously crafted by the talented producers at 37Audio. This exclusive collection pays homage to the iconic soundtracks that defined the thrilling cinematic landscapes of the 1970s.

"Crime Scenes" Vol 1 captures the essence of the era with its signature 99 BPM loops, transporting you back to the smoky, neon-lit streets where detectives chased down shadows and criminals lurked in the shadows.

🎹 Multi-layered Musical Palette: Immerse yourself in the intricate world of crime film scores with carefully curated loops divided into four essential categories – Bass, Drum Kits, Piano, and Strings. Each element is expertly crafted to provide producers, composers, and musicians with a versatile toolkit for creating atmospheric and evocative compositions.

🕵️ Bass that Resonates with Suspense

🥁 Dynamic Drum Kits for Intense Rhythms

🎹 Soulful Piano Riffs to Set the Mood

🎻 Evocative Strings for Cinematic Grandeur

Produced by 37Audio, a powerhouse in the world of audio production, "Crime Scenes" Vol 1 reflects their commitment to sonic excellence. With a keen understanding of the nuances of 1970s crime film soundtracks, 37Audio has expertly distilled the essence of the era into this exceptional sample pack.


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